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Mr. Hamza Sobhi Batterjee recognized by analytics insight magazine as middle east top 10 successful tech CEO's of the year 2023

Mr. Hamza Sobhi Batterjee, President of Megamind IT Solutions is a young, astute, and visionary business leader that is leading the group to growth and expansion. With single-minded dedication of “Excellence – by design and not by chance”, he has a track record to take Companies, employees, and its partners to greater heights. He has steered the company into a growth trajectory with outstanding entrepreneurship, innovativeness, and the discipline of an ardent master. His focus to emerge as a leader in the diverse business he heads stems from research and strategic thinking on a global scale.

Mr. Hamza has worked his way through all the spoke wheels of the business. This gave him a clear and in-depth insight of not only the business aspect of the industry but also the working models of different departments and their integrated functions that are required for the success of the business entity. With specialization in Global Business Management, graduate of Regent Business School, London, he is a keen observer of numbers with an eye to detail.

Mr. Hamza strongly advocates that the only way towards fast growth is to be ‘customer focused’ and ‘creating a long-term partnership’. This customer-centric approach has filtered down to every decision and action in Megamind IT Solutions. His signature style is much evident in the management processes at the Group. This includes open culture, participative management practices, innovations, continuous improvement, speedy response, empowerment and enjoying one’s job. These are all hallmarks of Megamind’s culture.
Crediting his success to the commitment of Megamind IT employees, he values people as his most valuable asset. Staunch believer in humanitarian avenues, he treats employees as an extended family and is easily approachable to anyone with an open-door policy. His Company is committed to staff retention and development – to instill the drive and determination required to meet the challenges and realize the opportunities, that of today and in the future.

He envisions the future of excellence at Megamind and wants the Company to be the Leader of the Digital Transformation Healthcare Business in the region.

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