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HSB Holding
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Hamza Sobhi Batterjee Holding

Committed and Innovative. HSB Holding  provides exceptional customer centric and community focused services for a variety of industries and people, our Investments include some of the most influential and groundbreaking industries with immense potential to impact the world and benefit our communities.

Mr Hamza Sobhi Batterjee
Hamza Sobhi Batterjee Holding

Where Innovation Meets Investment :
HSB Holdings

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HSB Holding is captivated by technology due to its capacity to empower the modern world. It's evolved beyond a mere luxury to become a necessity in our daily lives. From the instant we awaken until we retire, MegaMind stands out as the premier solution.



HSB Holding firmly advocates that children should be guided in the art of critical thinking rather than indoctrinated with specific beliefs. This philosophy has led HSB to invest in the education sector, aiming to contribute to a brighter future for both society and children.



HSB Holding is a prominent player in the real estate sector. Whether you're in the market for buying, selling, or investing, it's essential to comprehend the intricacies of real estate. Take the time to explore properties and make well-informed decisions to effectively navigate this ever-evolving industry.

Real Estate


HSB Holding is dedicated to the healthcare sector because we believe that nothing compares to the comfort of home, particularly concerning one's well-being, health, and care. Your health is our mission, and we are committed to it.

Health Care


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We are always thrilled to welcome new partners, team and projects in our group of companies. Contact us and be a part of our exclusive journey to innovation.

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