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MegaMind was founded on the principle that every business decision is rooted in Information Technology. As one of HSB Holding's initiatives, MegaMind serves as a leading IT solutions organization in the MENA region, boasting a vibrant team dedicated to delivering top-tier AI, business information solutions, and IT services. Our commitment lies in consistently enhancing value for our clients. MegaMind envisions the future of IT solutions as innovative, tailored, and adaptable. Through partnerships with esteemed names in the IT industry, we ensure a cohesive and forward-thinking approach to future strategies and solutions.





Future Technological Solutions

At MegaMind We know that As technology continues to evolve, the financial markets will continue to transform. Investors who embrace these advancements and use them to their advantage will be able to reap the benefits of the new investment landscape, In the future, the financial markets will be unrecognizable from the ones we know today, and technology will be the driving force behind the changes. The potential of these advancements in the financial markets is immense.

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MegaMind Products


ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS: Enterprise Hospital Information System covering all the different departments within a hospital including mobile Apps and Dashboards.


REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT: RCM is a financial process that healthcare facilities use to track patient care episodes from registration to final payment.


CYBERSECURITY, CLOUD & DIGITAL NETWORKING: MegaCloud is a managed secure cloud platform in KSA-Jeddah with fixed price billing, 24×7 monitoring, and support and Disaster Recovery Services.


HEALTHCARE APPS &E-SERVICES: This division of product have multiple areas covering from healthcare mobile app, patient portal, Robotics (Self-service KIOSK), VIDS (Digital Signage) and many others.


TELE-MEDICAL SERVICES: MegaTele is a world leading tele-medical services provider. and We offer next generation Tele-medical services & solutions designed to automate clients’ workflow, elevate patient care, and cut radiology and ICU department costs.


ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING: We provide different ERP solutions/integrations according to Customer needs that serves large, medium & small corporations. Innovative approaches like business intelligence (bi), machine Learning (ml), internet of things (iot) & real time reporting.


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI based solution, Helps doctor to predict the diagnosis, taking in consideration the seasonality, climate and weather conditions, repeated diagnosis in the same period and other doctors in the same facility


OPERATIONS SERVICES & IT RESOURCES: Provide proposition and benefits of our services to potential Clients, such as helpdesk services, technical support, network Management, system administration, and more.


Professional Services & Solutions

Healthcare IT Clinical Care Delivery

Clinical applications used by doctors and nurses, specializing in clinical care settings including HIS application.


Engagement & Customer Experience

End user facing application for consumers and public. Mobile applications, portals, digital experience platform.



AI Consulting & System Integration

Consulting and design/planning services to help companies organize and reduce risk.



Infrastructure & Network

Enterprise design and implementation for IT infrastructure including servers, compute, network and security components.



Strategic Change and Knowledge

Change management applications and Knowledge / document solutions




Financial Management and Process

Support of ERP applications (Oracle) and Process (RPA and process management).



Administration and Staff Systems

Internal Department and staff application




Command and Control

Applications controlling information, backend solutions including messaging, business intelligence, command centers.

Strategic Partners



Our Presence

K.S.A Office

Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah 23617, Saudi Arabia


Egypt Office

13g Etisalat Club Rd, New, New Maadi,Cairo Governorate 4234301, Egypt

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