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About Us

FasTraK is a unique Early Learning Child Development Program where toddlers and young children have their first learning experience away from home…in a cozy caring and nurturing environment that allows children to develop their first learning stages through themes and rhymes, games, manipulatives, and fun activities while they learn with joy! Children will have fun while they learn, Education with care; an EduCare experience is our motto!


Our Centers provide foundation for toddlers and young learners to experience and develop their skills in simple, fun, and carefree manner. Children will learn at their own pace and our methods of teaching is based on latest research on how children learn best. FasTraK oversees to the implementation of its methods and practices to its simplest details offering a unique educational experience for Early Learning.

Our Program

Prepare our little ones for the exciting transition from babies to toddler’s stage in a structured class that gives young learners their first school experience. Children are exposed to singing songs, gross motor movements, fine motor skills development, art and crafts, story time, Lego and other fun hands-on activities geared towards developing important skills for strong preschool foundations.

Portrait of asian caucasian little children playing blocks in classroom. Learning by playing education group study concept. International pupils doing activities brain training in primary school.

Educational Goals

A. To encourage a lifelong love of learning
B. To teach the application and transfer of knowledge
C. To build communication and speaking skills
D. To develop creative thinking and problem solving
E. To promote leadership and personal growth
F. To prepare children for school and for life

FasTraK Daycare Program is carefully structured & customized to develop the following skills in your child, essential in Early Childhood Development. All our integrated programs are designed to provide your children with hands-on experience that touches on Language, Math, Science (Sensory), Literacy, Technology, and the Arts. 
A carefully structured & customized program to develop the necessary skills in your child, essential in Early Childhood Development in Arabic and English.

Our Values

A 21st century learner is a strong, independent thinker who has the ability to compete effectively in a global environment. We offer your child the necessary, life-changing learning skills to reach their full potential and prepare them for school and life.

Our Methods

Each FasTraK program offers a combination of learning skills known as the FasTrak Advantages. These advantages help the process of learning on HOW to think, NOT simply memorizing the content. Students learn by having fun in the classroom!

Critical Thinking

Every FasTrak lesson gives your child an opportunity to think through and answer problem-solving activities. This process of thinking trains students to analyze, come up with alternatives and make educated decisions. Critical thinking is an increasingly important skill as students advance to college and towards their professional life.


We know that children at this age develop socially by being with peers. Our collaborative classroom environment offers your child the opportunity to work with and learn from other students. Working collaboratively with others help students develop the skills of giving and receiving constructive feedback and evaluating their own experience. FasTracKids, team help your child understand how to work as part of a team, improve their leadership abilities as well as cooperative skills. The collaborative classroom empowers your child to become a productive team member as they join with others.


The FasTrak methodology empowers your child to expand their creativity. Multiple opportunities arise in the classroom for them to find and share creative solutions. Students are continually encouraged to be constructively curious, which enhances their cognitive development. Exposure to multiple subjects provides children with the opportunity to explore new findings and use their creativity in high level thinking situations. Our programs are gateways to fostering the skills of finding creative solutions to all kinds of problems.


The FasTrak methodology provides constructive environment that helps build the child’s confidence as they successfully complete individual and group projects. Continued attempts at success allow them to take on challenges without the fear of failure. As your child becomes responsible for their own learning, FasTracKids programs cultivate their sense of achievement and pride with positive reinforcement.


In our FasTrak classrooms, students are exposed to instructions delivered with high level language proficiency. The ongoing vocabulary enrichment helps them become confident in their communicative skills. Children are encouraged to speak in complete sentences in order to convey complex thoughts. Many programs in our FasTracKids Learning System give your child the opportunity to deliver a presentation that is videotaped and evaluated by peers.

Our Locations

K.S.A Office 

Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah 23617, Saudi Arabia



Arab Mall

Ground floor, gate Al in front of Emad Rizk

Red Sea Mall

1st floor in front of Center Point, next to foodcourt

Khalidiyah Center

Behaind Ana Ghair Mall, opposite Saudi city


FasTrak Dammam

In Saudi German Hospital the basement parking

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